Mansfield Christmas Lights
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Welcome to the home of Mansfield Christmas Lights!Here you'll be able to learn about our display, the hardware and software we use, view videos of some of our sequences, leave us a comment, find out who we are and just plain have fun!

About Our Display

Our display at the Richland County Fairgrounds Christmas Wunderland has some very humble beginnings. It all started with a viral video in 2005 of this house in Mason, Ohio with it's Christmas light syncronized to music. That house, done by Carson Williams, was the spark that ignited my interest in sequencing lights to music. That next summer, I ordered my first four controllers and began to build the controller for my show. Unfortunately, my mom was not as enthusiastic about the idea as I was and forbid me from doing it at our home. Dejected, I shelved the idea but kept the dream alive.. 

Fast forword a few years to 2008, when I met my wife. I shared my dream with her. I had told her about Christmas Wunderland and she suggested that I contact the fairgrounds to see who was in charge of the display and to see if perhaps we could become part of it.

I was told that Bob Hoover was the man I needed to talk to and that he would be at the Wunderland Barn at the rear of tyhe property. I was able to locate him and introduce myself. I gave him a general idea of what I had in mind and he said it sounded like an interesting idea, but it would need to be cleared by the Fair Board first. He told me he would talk to Jack Spangler, then president of the fairboard, and arrange for me to meet with Jack and several other fair board members to show them what I had in mind. Also keep in mind that I had almost nothing built for the display. I had the partly finished controller setup,10 spiral trees I had picked up some years earlier and four penguins from Meijer.

I met with Jack on a Tuesday afternoon and showed them the simulated display I had created for the show, using sequences I had acquired to that point. They were impressed and asked what I needed from them to make it happen. I said simply electricity. They were shocked that I didn't want any money. I told them we would do it for the smiles of the patrons of Wunderland. Jack told me they were having a fair board meeting that evening and he would get back to me.

I received the call and voicemail the next morning. It was a go! The fair board vote was unanimously yes. Now the panic started. We had exactly three months to finish the controllers, make all the cabling and props and set it up. We literally finished with hours to spare from the opening night.